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Welcome to Infidel Attire

Ever notice how, when Jihadis seethe and rage, no matter where they are, their signs are usually  in English?

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We already know what they think!

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Let Jihadis know what you think!

With Infidel Attire
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T-shirts and baseball caps embroidered
with your favorite pro-west slogans
In Arabic!

We Will Not Submit!
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We will not submit!
Not only will we not submit, we will be happy to sell you one of a broad selection of anti-jihadi, pro American, pro military and pro Israel slogans and designs custom embroidered on a variety of t-shirt and hat styles.

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We're located near Dearbornistan, Michigan, and we love the responses when people see our shirts and hats: the embraces and thumbs up we get from Iraqi Christians, and the scowls and gestures we get from Shi'ite Hezb'allah supporters. Starting with just a handful of original phrases and designs, we now have two dozen clever ways to let the jihadis know on which side of their holy war you stand.

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In that war, we thank those who serve at the front lines. Many of the new designs were suggested or requested by members of the United States armed forces. In fact, the 215th FSB out of Fort Hood, Texas was sent 500 of our Don't Mess With Texas shirts. Please take the time to check out the links to soldier support organizations below and help them out.
Of course don't forget to help us out too and order some Infidel Attire!

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Seriously, though. We are trying to make the point that free expression works both ways and that we will not submit to a worldwide caliphate under sharia law. We are also trying to be humorous about it. Finally, and most important, we are patriotic Americans trying to do the most patriotic thing we can think of, make a buck. If we can't pay our rent, the terrorists will have won!

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Please look over our designs. All of them are available on both baseball caps and t-shirts. You can order your choice of cap style (solid, camo or 'gun') and color, and t-shirts are available in a rainbow of solid colors, camo and tie dye, 63 colors in all!. Since the shirts are stitched to order, you can also choose any thread color you want, for example, Jihadi Green or Hezb'allah Yellow.

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The cap designs are typically ~5"X2.5" (125mm  X 60mm), and the t-shirt designs are large embroideries, most of them ~8" (200mm) wide. We use polyester and rayon threads that retain their color for years - no fading as with screenprinting or cracking like  with transfers as used by Cafepress and other "custom" online shirt companies. We use *heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirts. The shirts start at $18 and the baseball caps start at $16.

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Colors are just concepts. See color charts for apparel colors and styles. You choose your own thread colors**.

Buy Now!
we accept:
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*Our standard shirts are typically 6.1 oz 100% cotton. Some colors are 99/1 or 90/10 cotton/poly. Camo shirts are 4.9 oz 100% cotton. Tie-Dye shirts are 6 oz 100% cotton.

**Some designs or design elements have fixed colors: The flag in Don't Mess With Texas, the snake in Don't Tread On Me, American Infidels Ride "Hogs" (black, orange and white), the heart in I Love New York

Available embroidered designs:

The Infidel American Infidel America Akbar We Won't Remain Dhimmis
Don't Tread On Me I Love New York Don't Mess With Texas I Will Not Submit
United States Air Force United States Army United States Navy
United States Coast Guard United States Marine Corps
Jarhead Devil Dogs Rifleman Sniper
Christian Infidel American Infidels Ride "Hogs"
Israel Defense Forces Zionist Entity The Nation of Israel Lives Long Live Israel

Click here to see all the full size designs and order

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