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If you're interested in the Harmonicaster or have any questions about it, please drop us an email.

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After eight years of continuous development, based on feedback (no pun intended) from many of the world's greatest harmonica players, we're happy to announce the all-new, completely reimagined Harmonicaster electric harmonica. A true electric instrument, with steel reeds and inductive magnetic pickups, it has a vibrant and exciting native tone rich with sustain, you can play as loudly as you want without feedback, and it's compatible with any effects device or pedal, greatly expanding your tonal palette. Most importantly, you can take the harmonica to musical places where it hasn't been before. Imagine being one of the first musicians to get to play one of Leo Fender's electric guitars or one of Laurens Hammond's innovative new organs. I can't imagine what you can do with the Harmonicaster any more than Leo Fender could imagine Jimi Hendrix but I'm not imagining the fact that you have to go back to the first bluesman who cupped his harp to a cheesy PA mic and plugged in to find as groundbreaking technological development for harmonica players as the Harmonicaster represents.

Working with Lace Music Products we have developed a purpose-built version of their revolutionary Alumitone guitar pickup. At just 1/16" thick, it may be the thinnest pickup ever made, thin enough to slide into our harmonicas, out of the way, so you can play them just like any other harp with your favorite technique, pucker or tongue blocking, all bends and overblows included.

Our harmonica components are custom fabricated for The Electric Harmonica Company in Klingenthal, Germany, by Seydel, the oldest harmonica company in the world (established in 1847, before Hohner), using the same durable and great sounding stainless steel reeds as they use in their Session Steel harmonicas, highly regarded by harp players around the world, along with Seydel reedplates and combs. While we think our harmonicas sound best as part of the Harmonicaster system, they're fully functional harmonicas that can be played with a cupped mic or acoustically. When playing conventionally, the open, parabolic coverplates project a rich tone.

The two pickups (one for each reedplate) are mounted in compact, lightweight housings that contain controls located at your fingertips, a premium multi-contact PureTone 1/4" output jack for connecting to an amplifier, and a switch to toggle between humbucker and single coil pickup tones.

The Harmonicaster will be offered in two models, the Harmonicaster Standard, with passive volume and tone controls, and the Harmonicaster Artist, with a rechargeable, onboard preamp with 20 dB of boost, active EQ, and a sustain control. The sustain control on the Harmonicaster Artist is supplied by and used under license from ISP Technologies, the acknowledged leaders in audio control tech.

The Harmonicasters are lightweight and compact. The Harmonicaster Standard weighs less than 200 grams with one of our Harmonicaster harmonicas, while the Harmonicaster Artist weighs in at 306 grams. Compare that to 348 grams for a JT30 with a Marine Band  and 424 grams for a Green Bullet with a Marine Band.

At just 31mm tall, the Harmonicaster Standard is about half of the height of a bullet mic, and the housing is just a few millimeters wider than a stock harmonica, making the Harmonicaster ergonomically easy to hold. With a harmonica, the Harmonicaster system is 69mm deep, compared to a bullet mic alone at 79mm. The overall package can fit in your pocket, about the size of a Sony Walkman cassette player. Remember those? Because of the added electronics, the Harmonicaster Artist is a bit larger than the Standard model but it's still easier to hold than a conventional rig.

While size and weight are important, the most important thing about the Harmonicaster is how great it sounds and what you can do with it. You can hear some samples below.

Changing keys is simple and takes just seconds. Just remove the harmonica from the housing and replace it with another. The pickups slide into the harmonica and it snaps securely into place, thanks to powerful, embedded rare earth neodymium magnets, and you're ready to go. The basic package comes with one Harmonicaster harmonica in the key of A, but we'll be offering additional Harmonicaster harmonicas in keys from Low F to High G. Special and custom tunings will also be available on special order. Harmonicaster harmonica coverplates are color coded and embossed with key signatures so you can identify keys immediately, even on a poorly lit stage.They are sanded and polished in a 12 step process and then clear coated for a durable glossy, mirror smooth playing surface.

Speaking of color, the Harmonicaster housings will be available in black or silver, as well as more that a dozen custom colors.

The Harmonicaster is a high quality, professional grade musical instrument, made with the best components we can source.

The Harmonicaster is proudly "Made in the Motor City" from domestic and imported components. As mentioned, our harmonica components are made in Germany by Seydel. The pickups start out as aluminum blanks laser cut in Reno, Nevada. We form them into shape, laser cut and install the magnets at our own shop here in the Detroit area, and send them out to Lace in southern California, for them to add their Alumitone magic. Our circuit boards are made in China by JLCPCB, one of the world's largest PCB makers with surface mount operations done in Asia and through-hole components added here in Michigan. Final assembly of the Harmonicaster is done in our shop where we 3D print the other parts.

We're getting production organized and hope to start taking orders and delivering Harmonicasters in the first quarter of 2023. In the meantime, if you're interested in the Harmonicaster or have any questions about it, please drop us an email.