hebfonts.gif (5494 bytes)

We have a selection of beautiful Hebrew fonts for your custom embroidery.

heb1.jpg (18631 bytes) Block
heb3.jpg (18605 bytes) Chaya
heb2a.jpg (22869 bytes) Siddur
heb2.jpg (18781 bytes) Haddasah
heb3a.jpg (16678 bytes) Haddasah
heb4.jpg (19044 bytes) Tzipporah
heb4a.jpg (18625 bytes) Sofer
heb5.jpg (15399 bytes) Ruth
heb6.jpg (16918 bytes) Ezra
We also have software that can take most standard computer fonts [True Type Font]
and turn them into lovely embroidered lettering. If you know of a Hebrew ttf that you
prefer, send us the font file via email and we will be happy to test it and see if the
results are acceptable.

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